Chapter 26 – The Annual Welcome-Back Thanksgiving Feast

I was amazed by the fanciness of the dining hall when I walked in for dinner. I expected the plain and atrocious food in the dreary and smelly dining hall mixed with the bored and disgusted students yawning and refusing to touch their food. I walked in, nose pinched in one hand to prevent the usual nasty smells from entering my over-pimpled nose. What I got was something completely different.

However, in the one part of my nose I failed to pinch, a slight smell wafted into my over-pimpled nose. And it made me want to faint. Of happiness.

The last time I wanted to faint of happiness felt like ages ago, back when I first arrived on the gorgeous Lamone campus as a newbie 6th grader. Like, back when cavemen roamed the Earth. And the chances of me getting eaten by a dinosaur were quite high.

I hesitantly stepped forward with tiny steps, as if I was a baby who had just learned to walk for the first time. I stumbled over the steps like a kid with no balance, despite having walked down those three steps over a hundred times already.

However, I was too stunned by the miraculous smells of the dining hall to care.

Stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, turkey, more good stuff, more good stuff…

I found out from Mark that it was the Annual Thanksgiving Welcome-Back Feast.

Our relations with each other had returned to normal over the break, and as I chatted with him and Mr. Bradley, I felt happy.

Sadly, the happiness did not last.

A friendly discussion about the best classes to take in the new winter term quickly turned into war. Mr. Bradley remained a spectator, refusing to take sides. The war lasted almost the entire meal, in which Mark blasted me for being idiotic and I blasted him for the same reason.

The war was at a stalemate. An impasse. But both sides refused to give up.

I imagined the war in real life, except we were both turkeys squawking against each other:

Mark: Squawk! Squawk!

Me: Squawk! Squawk!

After playing this out in my head a couple times, I realized that Mark was right, indirectly.

I was an idiot. I was essentially trying to convince a wall to move out of the way:

Me: Wall, move it!

Wall: No response

Me: Wall, move it!

Wall: No response  

So I surrendered the argument to Mark, just as the meal ended. I saw a slight nod of approval from Mr. Bradley’s face. I saw Mark smile as I smiled, and we walked out the dining hall.

With not the slightest bit of rancor between us.

Life Lesson #26: In life, it is better to lose the battle and win the war. The war is what counts. NOT the battle. (Mark won the battle, but I won the war!) As Michael Jackson says in his song, “If you wanna be the best, just beat it!” 

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