Chapter 27 – Invincible Internet 

As any teenage adolescent can attest to, the Internet is a big part of our lives. Social media and social status are vital to a teenager’s happiness, just as acne cream is vital to my happiness. YouTube and other Internet entertainment is also a must have, for basically every teenage kid is addicted to their electronics.

No matter how much we deny it, try taking our electronics for one day.

Your ears will go deaf from the complaining. And if they somehow did not, you would want them to do. The teenager would refuse to eat, drink, sleep, talk, or breathe until they go their electronics back. A teenager without technology is as functional as a defensive wall made of paper and held together by rubber bands.

With this in mind, imagine if the Internet was completely shut off. And a teenager could not use their electronics to do anything, for electronics without Internet is like a car without gas.

Because that is what happened at Lamone three days after the Thanksgiving Feast. November 30, 2011, to be exact.

Okay, that is a slight exaggeration. The Internet at Lamone did not become dysfunctional, it just became heavily censored. Every fun website known to us students was blocked. The only websites that worked were educational.

Like, who uses the Internet to LEARN? (just kidding)

But seriously, the scene at Lamone after the school began to censor the Internet due to too many people using Instagram during class, was akin to a zombie apocalypse:

Students stumbled around campus looking as clueless as a plant growing in space. Hair messed up and tussled from staying up all night trying to find a way around the censored Internet. Hiding in bathrooms to continue trying to find a way around the Internet. Scared faces whenever the school technology director, Bill Graham, walked around. Kids forming groups after school and meeting to figure out how to get around the Internet. 

It was a complete disaster. Students refused to eat when teachers were around, and in classes, no one spoke a word. We were going on strike for our Internet.

However, after weeks of trying, the efforts yielded no results. No one found a way through what became dubbed “Invincible Internet”. We students continued to not eat, sleep, drink, talk, and hardly breathed. No teachers minded, for they had gotten what they wanted: no students using technology inappropriately during classes.

My pimples grew tenfold during the reign of “Invincible Internet” for I forgot to use my acne cream. I was too focused on bringing down the “Invincible Internet.”

We students at Lamone were David. “Invincible Internet” was Goliath. We believed we would win, as David eventually beat Goliath.

And we did. The school finally gave in on December 21st, the day before Christmas Vacation. Bill Graham, who became known as “The Torturer” made an announcement at lunch that the censored Internet would be stopped. That it was just an experiment to see how the school would function without free Internet.

But we were already dancing like possessed monkeys and partying before he could finish the announcement.

Life Lesson #27: If you want something bad enough, you will get it. Sometimes, you have to “take the road less traveled by.” You have to go around what is conventionally accepted and sometimes have to stand up to authority. Be fearless.

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