Chapter 28 – Powerless to Stop the Power Outage

The blocked Internet became unblocked. The scene and ethos at Lamone went from a zombie apocalypse to a day in paradise. Life was good. Everyone was happy and showed a happier face than the happiest happy face possible.

This happiness continued until winter struck, quite surprisingly, on November 29th.

You may be wondering how winter could strike so early in the year. The winter solstice had not even occurred yet. Not for another twenty-something days.

The answer to your question: we were on the East Coast. 

On the East Coast of the United States, as I have come to learn over my past three years there, the weather is more unpredictable than what will happen in the future. It is more unpredictable than when my next pimple outbreak will be. Well, actually, no, because I known when my next pimple outbreak will occur: VERY SOON. 

Anyway, the scene at Lamone transformed once again. Students ran around, crazed, thinking the world had come to an end. Snow in November? was the question on everyone’s minds. The panicked look on our faces would make an onlooker think we were being attacked by a horde of monsters.

In reality, we were being attacked by white, fluffy, ice balls called snow.

A massive snowstorm slammed in the Lamone School that morning. Classes were cancelled; us students were herded into our dorms like sheep. Most of us were happy to ditch classes and spend a nice cozy day in the dorm, wasting time on the Internet and updating our social networking status.

And that was when we found out the Internet did not work. Then the lights shut off.

All electric power at Lamone was gone. 

And with that, the happiness of everyone on campus floated outside the window and

into the flurry of snow that pounded our school like a giant fist.

We students were, as the title states, powerless to stop the power outage.

Things got out of hand for a while. The scene in the dorm was one in which the students expended all their anger on the items in Lamone D. Books flew across the room.

Some students created a fort in their room to hide from the extraterrestrial forces that they believed were creating the snow.


Five minutes later, the scene became as serene as the Pacific Ocean on a beautiful night, with waves crashing against the shore and a magnificent sunset for all to enjoy.

Everyone in the dorm sat in the darkness for a while, staring with blank expressions at the evil snow outside.

I decided that something had to be done. Just as Jeffrey, my “big brother” had started a strike against the Invincible Internet, I decided to start a strike on the boredom and depression in our dorm.

I brought out some cheesy card games and board games I knew were in the common room.

Card and board games were obsolete in our lives at Lamone due to the advent of computers, but they became our saviors that day.

Everyone enjoyed myriad games of Uno, Monopoly, Operation, Chess, and Scrabble with the faculty members and each other.The power outage dissipated the next morning, and I became an unsung hero.

I had combated and taken down the snow/boredom with board games and card games.

Maybe my adolescent-itis had finally started to dissipate too.

Life Lesson #28: Sometimes old-fashioned is good. Keep an open mind. Try different things. “You will never know if you never try.”

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